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rayeh gaay  welcome .. We draw your attention to the fact that our services and delivery are in Al-Ahram Gardens only (so far) Knowing that it is not possible to order now.. We will inform you when the work starts.. Thank you for your understanding.

City Crepe

Sorry: it is not possible to order now. 

  City Crepe is closed now!
opens in  11:00 AM
remaining : 

 City Crepe will not be able to receive orders now, but.. You can order an order from the City Crepe during working hours.. You can also now go around and choose from the City Crepe that you want and add it to the shopping cart.. And you will be able to complete the order later when the City Crepe is open.

  • Delivery within  50  minutes

    times of work : all week from    11:00 AM  to   03:00 AM   

    Restaurant area : ( D )
City Crepe :
rayehgaay :
  • In case of requesting an order from the City Crepe.. rayehgaay will follow up with you on WhatsApp or via phone call  .
  • If you leave us an order and the City Crepe is(closed) Don't worry, we will let you know when the City Crepe is ..(open) Either by WhatsApp or by calling, we will confirm with you whether you need to order or cancel it.
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